Sunday, May 23, 2010


The Olympic Academic Experience is a program coordinated by Dr. Bonnie Tiell, Professor of Sports Management at Tiffin University in collaboration with Dr. Francis Dove-Edwin, President of the Sierra Leone Olympians Association. 
The program includes a study of the organization, supervision, and management of international sport venues and elite competition staged in an Olympic Host City. An academic hybrid-style course carrying 3-credit hours provides a broad understanding the historical, organizational, philosophical, ethical, and economic influences on the Modern Olympic Games with a special focus on current issues. Students examine the structure of the International Olympic Committee, National Governing Bodies, Host Site Organizing Committees, and the individual sport federations while maintaining a daily journal of their experience.  Sixteen students and four fellows (professional educators) participated in the 2012 London Experience which included a new humanitarian program in conjunction with the World Olympian Association.  The TU contingency, former Olympians, and children from some of the most impoverished areas of the Host City met for a day of Olympic style sport competition, trivia contests, dinner, and a medal ceremony.  The TU Olympic Academic Experience has also taken place in Athens, Greece (2004); Beijing, China (2008); and London, England (2012).  

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