The 2016 Rio Experience will include a Humanitarian Day which originated in London. 

On July 30, 2012, 20 members of the Tiffin University Olympic Academic Experience visited the Olympic Reunion Center at the Wellington Barracks in London to participate in a games and activities with underprivileged children from the Host Country and members of the World Olympian Association (WOA).  Coordinated by Dr. Francis Dove Edwin (Sierra Leone WOA President) and Dr. Bonnie Tiell (Tiffin University Associate Dean), the program included inspirational speeches by former Olympians, trivia contests, individual and team competitions, afternoon tea, a visit by two of the Queen's Royal Guardsmen, a buffet dinner, and a Gold Medal ceremony.  The collegiate students and youth were sectioned into four teams representing Congo, Brazil, Jamaica, and Thailand.  After playing a few ice-breaker games, the competition commenced in the broad jump, plank hold, balance test, funny bowling, and push up challenge.  Between events, Olympians visited to encourage everyone to reach for their highest potential.  The goal of the program was to use education and sport as a means promote the spirit of Olympism.  Below are pictures from the "Day with Olympians & Future Professionals."